Index to 1920 Louisa County, Virginia Census

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?, ?; Age ; WP=48B
?, ?; Age 40; WP=64B
?, Anna; Age 43; WP=51B
?, Carl; Age 1; WP=28B
?, John W.; Age 74; WP=66B
?, Oto; Age 29; WP=53B
?, Peter; Age 59; WP=51B
?, Sara; Age 38; WP=65A
?, Thomas; Age 34; WP=58B
??, Leonard; Age 45; WP=34A
?aron, Bentrod C.; Age 45; WP=58A
Ad?ison, Charles E.; Age 74; WP=28B
Adams, Frank M.; Age 38; WP=18A
Adams, Parmus R.; Age 47; WP=18A
Allen, Carrie; Age 8; WP=21A
Allen, Clyde; Age 11; WP=21A
Allen, Julia; Age 72; WP=49A
Allen, Mary; Age 73; WP=48B
Allen, Rachel; Age 20; WP=46A
Allen, Robert; Age 39; WP=48B
Alvis, Thomas J.; Age 74; WP=29B
Anderson, Abner; Age 45; WP=45A
Anderson, Alfred; Age 2; WP=5A
Anderson, Charlie; Age 9; WP=5A
Anderson, Daisy C.; Age 15; WP=1B
Anderson, David; Age 75; WP=6A
Anderson, David C.; Age 33; WP=6A
Anderson, Edwin N.; Age 53; WP=1B
Anderson, Fred D.; Age 46; WP=2B
Anderson, Garland; Age 67; WP=37A
Anderson, Garrett N.; Age 8; WP=2B
Anderson, Gracie; Age 13; WP=5A
Anderson, Hazel G.; Age 17; WP=1B
Anderson, Herbert; Age 8; WP=5A
Anderson, Ida R.; Age 19; WP=1B
Anderson, James; Age 78; WP=1B
Anderson, Jessie M.; Age 21; WP=1B
Anderson, Jillan B.; Age 16; WP=2B
Anderson, John S.; Age 13; WP=1B
Anderson, Lillie R.; Age 24; WP=2B
Anderson, Louise; Age 45; WP=5A
Anderson, Mary; Age 70; WP=12A
Anderson, Mary; Age 7; WP=5A
Anderson, Mary M.; Age 44; WP=2B
Anderson, Moses; Age 5; WP=5A
Anderson, Olie; Age 39; WP=30B
Anderson, Robert L.; Age 34; WP=10B
Anderson, Sadie; Age 27; WP=45A
Anderson, Sherman; Age 10; WP=2B
Anderson, Susie; Age 40; WP=1B
Anderson, Susie; Age 23; WP=5A
Anderson, William; Age 50; WP=11A
Anderson, William; Age 21; WP=5A
Anderson, William C.; Age 11; WP=1B
Anderson, Willie; Age 11; WP=5A
Andes, Aldeu E.; Age 61; WP=15B
Anthony, Lilla; Age 16; WP=10A
Armstrong, Agnes W.; Age 1; WP=4A
Armstrong, Bessie N.; Age 1; WP=1B
Armstrong, Charlie W.; Age 34; WP=4A
Armstrong, Courtney B.; Age 2; WP=4A
Armstrong, Edith H.; Age 8; WP=4A
Armstrong, John R.; Age 53; WP=52A
Armstrong, Louisa V.; Age 6; WP=1B
Armstrong, Luther R.; Age 63; WP=34B
Armstrong, Mary H.; Age 8; WP=4A
Armstrong, Maude L.; Age 33; WP=4A
Armstrong, Nellie V.; Age 4; WP=1B
Armstrong, Pecolia P.; Age 25; WP=1B
Armstrong, Raymond C.; Age 6; WP=4A
Armstrong, Robert M.; Age 60; WP=29A
Armstrong, Samuel; Age 37; WP=42B
Armstrong, Thomas G.; Age 29; WP=1B
Ayres, Huldah; Age 48; WP=56B
B?, Edward; Age 51; WP=58B
B?, Philip C.; Age 20; WP=59A
B?th, John W.; Age 58; WP=67B
Bailey, Minnie; Age 35; WP=7A
Baker, Albert; Age 3; WP=24A
Baker, Berry?; Age 76; WP=59B
Baker, Charlie E.; Age 57; WP=22B
Baker, Cliveous; Age 20; WP=15A
Baker, D?lia; Age 7; WP=27B
Baker, Frank; Age 48; WP=60A
Baker, Melvin; Age 30; WP=24A
Baker, William S.; Age 54; WP=38A
Ball, Francis E.; Age 57; WP=16A
Ban?, Zachariah; Age 63; WP=35B
Banks, Annie; Age 24; WP=63B
Banks, David; Age 18; WP=27A
Banks, Edgar G.; Age 50; WP=35B
Banks, John; Age 65; WP=30B
Banks, John H.; Age 45; WP=32A
Baratt, Robert P.; Age 60; WP=10B
Barkley, Bertha L.; Age 11; WP=3A
Barkley, Fanny E.; Age 30; WP=3A
Barkley, Margaret V.; Age 8; WP=3A
Barkley, Robert B.; Age 37; WP=3A
Barmette, Mary; Age 75; WP=62B
Barnard, William A.; Age 38; WP=40B
Barratt, Phil A.; Age 43; WP=32B
Barrett, Andrew B.; Age 47; WP=35A
Barrett, Charlie; Age 29; WP=37B
Barrett, James P.; Age 51; WP=10A
Barrett, Lucinda; Age 65; WP=22A
Barrett, Thomas; Age 22; WP=10A
Batton, William O.; Age 23; WP=46A
Baughan, Eugene F.; Age 47; WP=34B
Baughn, Annie H.; Age 44; WP=66A
Baxter, Nancy; Age 90; WP=67A
Beale, Alice M.; Age 36; WP=7A
Belle, Milly; Age 80; WP=41A
Bellomy, Ida L.; Age 48; WP=20A
Belton, Martha; Age 74; WP=42A
Berkley, Bettie; Age 54; WP=2B
Berkley, Clayton N,; Age 66; WP=2B
Berkley, Conway; Age 1; WP=3B
Berkley, Daisy; Age 15; WP=2B
Berkley, Edgar; Age 50; WP=8B
Berkley, Elvira L.; Age 5; WP=5A
Berkley, Flossie J.; Age 21; WP=2B
Berkley, James; Age 35; WP=19A
Berkley, James R.; Age 11; WP=5A
Berkley, Kittie B.; Age 12; WP=5A
Berkley, Mabel; Age 19; WP=3B
Berkley, Nelson; Age 60; WP=3A
Berkley, Pauline; Age 12; WP=2B
Berkley, Ruth C.; Age 9; WP=5A
Berkley, Vina; Age 58; WP=3A
Berkley, Wellington; Age 19; WP=2B
Berkley, William A.; Age 47; WP=5A
Bibb, Joseph; Age ; WP=53B
Bibb, King A.; Age 52; WP=41A
Bina?, James W.; Age 63; WP=54A
Bingham, James S.; Age 68; WP=41B
Bishop, Tom; Age 29; WP=62B
Bloom?, Ida; Age 11; WP=57B
Bloomer, Jacob; Age 16; WP=50B
Blue, Blanch G.; Age 6; WP=3A
Blue, Celia; Age 41; WP=3A
Blue, Claude; Age 9; WP=3A
Blue, George; Age 40; WP=3A
Blue, John M.; Age 13; WP=3A
Blue, Reuben L.; Age 3; WP=3A
Bo?, William; Age 42; WP=49A
Bohanan, John R.; Age 42; WP=14B
Bolden, Locker; Age 48; WP=53A
Bordey, Edward F.; Age 53; WP=19B
Boston, Ethel D.; Age 62; WP=28B
Boston, Sally M.; Age 42; WP=52A
Bourne, William; Age 65; WP=28B
Bowles, ?; Age 50; WP=49B
Bowling, Sam; Age 50; WP=22A
Bowman, Samuel J.; Age 40; WP=41A
Boxley, Sallie; Age 39; WP=57B
Boyd, Charlie R.; Age 34; WP=66A
Boyd, John; Age 38; WP=63B
Boykins, Julian; Age 69; WP=19B
Bradberry, Ella; Age 30; WP=40A
Bradley, M?; Age 44; WP=62A
Bradshaw, George R.; Age 56; WP=29B
Bradshaw, Henry; Age 43; WP=29B
Bradshaw, Henry; Age 36; WP=26A
Bradshaw, John L.; Age 34; WP=26B
Bradshaw, Robert J.; Age 40; WP=27A
Bradshaw, Walter; Age 37; WP=30A
Bradshaw, William A.; Age 57; WP=61A
Bragg, Sam C.; Age 30; WP=63A
Branham, Addison L.; Age 67; WP=47A
Branham, Joseph M.; Age 50; WP=42B
Bratcher, Alice; Age 53; WP=56B
Bratcher, Edmond; Age 45; WP=56B
Braxton, ?; Age 43; WP=65B
Braxton, Anna; Age 25; WP=56B
Braxton, Charles; Age 33; WP=48B
Braxton, Clarance; Age 14; WP=54A
Braxton, Fanny; Age 40; WP=55A
Braxton, Helen; Age 1 8/12; WP=58B
Braxton, Lewis; Age 4; WP=56B
Braxton, Lou; Age 69; WP=49A
Braxton, Mary; Age 75; WP=62B
Braxton, Rose?; Age 14; WP=50A
Braxton, Rubin Jr.; Age 32; WP=66B
Braxton, Wilmer; Age 33; WP=48B
Breeden, James A.; Age 54; WP=7A
Brice, John A.; Age 65; WP=9B
Brice, Lula V.; Age 34; WP=5B
Brickels, Ruth; Age 19; WP=24A
Bro?, Mary; Age 82; WP=49A
Brock, Anna; Age 21; WP=52B
Brock, Bessie; Age 26; WP=4A
Brock, Cecil; Age 11; WP=4A
Brock, Harriet; Age 65; WP=4A
Brock, Maria E.; Age 62; WP=10B
Brock, Mary; Age 8; WP=4A
Brock, Miluan?; Age 35; WP=4A
Brock, Ro?; Age ; WP=50A
Brock, Sa?; Age 75; WP=52B
Brock, Sarah; Age 70; WP=19A
Brock, William; Age 78; WP=4A
Brock, William Jr.; Age 10; WP=4A
Brockman, Edward; Age 46; WP=44A
Brockman, James P.; Age 9; WP=44B
Brockman, Mary; Age 53; WP=56B
Brockton, Ben; Age 55; WP=48B
Brooken, Bertha; Age 35; WP=44A
Brooking, Jay G.; Age 30; WP=28A
Brooks, Frank; Age 33; WP=36B
Brooks, Lizzie; Age 43; WP=9B
Brooks, William B.; Age 66; WP=31A
Broughtob, Thomas G.; Age ?; WP=11B
Brown, ?; Age 24; WP=50A
Brown, Abraham; Age 32; WP=37A
Brown, Abram; Age 72; WP=27B
Brown, Allen; Age 52; WP=42B
Brown, Bernice; Age 3 2/12; WP=64B
Brown, Cathern; Age 65; WP=49A
Brown, Charles L.; Age 41; WP=34A
Brown, Daniel C.; Age 45; WP=3A
Brown, Edward; Age 80; WP=44B
Brown, Ella; Age 52; WP=58B
Brown, Ethvin; Age 71; WP=41B
Brown, Grant; Age 20; WP=3A
Brown, Harry; Age 9; WP=4A
Brown, Hattie; Age 45; WP=10A
Brown, Henry; Age 6; WP=49A
Brown, John; Age 11; WP=63B
Brown, John; Age 72; WP=49A
Brown, Leroy; Age 36; WP=41B
Brown, Mabel V.; Age 15; WP=4A
Brown, Marion; Age 6; WP=16B
Brown, Mary; Age 61; WP=60A
Brown, Patsy; Age 37; WP=52B
Brown, Pinta?; Age 44; WP=3A
Brown, Preston; Age 60; WP=42B
Brown, Squire; Age 54; WP=42A
Brown, Stanton?; Age 90; WP=43A
Brown, Willie P.; Age 49; WP=47A
Brown, Willis F.; Age 29; WP=63B
Bruce?, ? C.; Age 61; WP=68A
Buckhanan, Mattie E.; Age 56; WP=44B
Buckman, Munroe; Age 55; WP=20A
Buckner, Fred; Age 46; WP=23A
Buckner, Tom; Age 60; WP=23A
Buckner, William; Age 44; WP=23A
Buckner?, Charlie; Age 25; WP=22B
Bullock, Eddie; Age 29; WP=17A
Bullock, Fitz. L.; Age 50; WP=9A
Bullock, George; Age 45; WP=9A
Bullock, John; Age 31; WP=20A
Bullock, John D.; Age 65; WP=11A
Bullock, Loyd; Age 15; WP=21A
Bullock, Lucy; Age 48; WP=21A
Bullock, Matilda; Age 65; WP=22A
Bullock, Tom; Age 52; WP=21B
Bullock, William; Age 30; WP=22A
Burell, Rebecca; Age 70; WP=17A
Burk, K?elin; Age 73; WP=39A
Burkhead, Ada; Age 35; WP=54B
Burnley, Bettie; Age 52; WP=9B
Burnley, Rosa M.; Age 49; WP=33B
Burrars, John; Age 47; WP=41A
Burrass, Charles C.; Age 66; WP=39A
Burrass, Coleman J.; Age 68; WP=45B
Burrass, Isaac; Age 63; WP=39A
Burrass, Jasper C.; Age 32; WP=45A
Burress, Birch; Age 25; WP=4A
Burress, Charles; Age 74; WP=57B
Burress, Ellison; Age 33; WP=4A
Burress, George A.; Age 39; WP=17B
Burress, Jackson; Age 23; WP=4A
Burress, Sophia; Age 53; WP=4A
Burrus, Charlie; Age 14; WP=4B
Burrus, John; Age 30; WP=4B
Burrus, Mary; Age 40; WP=4B
Burruss, Joshua; Age 53; WP=39A
Butler, Addie S.; Age 11; WP=21A
Butler, Agnes; Age 45; WP=40A
Butler, Andrew S.; Age 31; WP=58A
Butler, Annie C.; Age 26; WP=6B
Butler, Clarence B.; Age 29; WP=63A
Butler, Dora J.; Age 10; WP=8B
Butler, Henry; Age 38; WP=8B
Butler, James N.; Age 68; WP=48A
Butler, John; Age 68; WP=23B
Butler, Lilla M.; Age 7; WP=7A
Butler, Mary C.; Age 54; WP=29B
Butler, Robert L.; Age 76; WP=40A
Butler, William H.; Age 48; WP=10A
Byers, Charles H.; Age 30; WP=16A
Byrd, James; Age 44; WP=53A
Ca?, ?; Age 40; WP=39A
Ca?, John W.; Age 34; WP=35B
Caldwell, Curtis; Age 45; WP=67B
Cameron, Frank R.; Age 32; WP=57B
Cameron, Harry C.; Age 21; WP=59A
Cameron, Mamie O.; Age 25; WP=62B
Cameron, William R.; Age 41; WP=62B
Campbell, Curtis; Age 12; WP=22B
Campbell, Wm. A.; Age 63; WP=26A
Cardinal, ??????; Age 39; WP=1A
Cardinal, Clarence A.; Age 8; WP=1A
Cardinal, William M.; Age 50; WP=1A
Carneal, Clarence L.; Age 34; WP=17A
Carneal, Gladys; Age 19; WP=18B
Carneal, Jeddie?; Age 23; WP=18B
Carneal, Julian; Age 54; WP=6B
Carneal, Walter W.; Age 27; WP=21A
Carpenter, Charles G.; Age 43; WP=19B
Carpenter, Charles R.; Age 34; WP=7B
Carpenter, Thomas S.; Age 26; WP=55A
Carpenter, William C.; Age 66; WP=33A
Carr, Robert E.; Age 44; WP=20A
Carson, George I.; Age 68; WP=27B
Carter, Caplot; Age 50; WP=51A
Carter, Chaney?; Age 71; WP=66B
Carter, Fred S.; Age 48; WP=21B
Carter, James; Age 42; WP=65A
Carter, John; Age 38; WP=15B
Carter, Napolean B.; Age 40; WP=48A
Carter, Nathan; Age 30; WP=15B
Carter, Philip; Age 30; WP=63A
Carter, Randolph; Age 48; WP=52B
Carter, Richard; Age 33; WP=66A
Carver, Bluferd; Age 65; WP=42B
Cash, C_? C.; Age 37; WP=48B
Cash, William O.; Age 46; WP=46A
Chambers, John A.; Age 38; WP=58B
Chandler, Norman H.; Age 45; WP=21B
Chewning, Alexander; Age 59; WP=57B
Chewning, Alphus J.; Age 67; WP=57A
Chewning, George E.; Age 38; WP=41B
Chewning, George W.; Age 62; WP=56A
Chewning, Horace; Age 56; WP=55A
Chewning, Sara E.; Age 80; WP=44B
Chewning, Thomas C.; Age 33; WP=57B
Child, Joseph B.; Age 68; WP=34B
Childress, Hunter W.; Age 1; WP=4B
Childress, Joseph E.; Age 28; WP=4A
Childress, Joseph H.; Age 12; WP=4A
Childress, Kate R.; Age 1; WP=4A
Childress, Lottie B.; Age 29; WP=4A
Childress, Maggie A.; Age 60; WP=4A
Childress, Nannie P.; Age 40; WP=4A
Childress, William H.; Age 38; WP=4A
Childress, William J.; Age 68; WP=59B
Childress, William J.; Age 83; WP=4A
Childress, Willie W.; Age 10; WP=4A
Chisholm, Charles; Age 37; WP=56A
Chisholm, Charles E.; Age 57; WP=56A
Chisholm, Lewis P.; Age 42; WP=19A
Chisholm, Mary; Age 21; WP=56A
Chism, Alexandria; Age 15; WP=46B
Christian, ?; Age 55; WP=35A
Christian, James; Age 37; WP=16B
Christian, Ned; Age 45; WP=16B
Christmas, ?; Age 39; WP=63A
Chruthfield, Maria; Age 80; WP=19A
Clark, Lenard H.; Age 45; WP=5B
Clemons, Peyton D.; Age 19; WP=8A
Clough, George R.; Age 32; WP=26A
Clough, Richard O.; Age 54; WP=32A
Clough, Thomas P.; Age 28; WP=31B
Clough, Walter W.; Age 35; WP=31B
Cole, Robert; Age 14; WP=13B
Coleman, Amanda; Age 27; WP=6A
Coleman, Angie L.; Age 58; WP=11B
Coleman, Emma; Age 57; WP=3B
Coleman, Era?; Age 62; WP=59B
Coleman, Fountain; Age 57; WP=27B
Coleman, Henry; Age 46; WP=15A
Coleman, Lee; Age 57; WP=53B
Coleman, Lenwood; Age 19; WP=3B
Coleman, Lewis; Age 50; WP=22B
Coleman, Mack; Age 46; WP=17A
Coleman, Mamie J.; Age 31; WP=3B
Coleman, Mary; Age 28; WP=3B
Coleman, Millie; Age 38; WP=1A
Coleman, Moses; Age 60; WP=17A
Coleman, Nelson; Age 45; WP=59A
Coleman, Norman G.; Age 40; WP=3B
Coleman, Richard; Age 26; WP=59B
Coleman, Richard; Age 46; WP=16B
Coleman, Richard; Age 30; WP=11A
Coleman, Sidney; Age 7; WP=32B
Coleman, Watson; Age 50; WP=1A
Coleman, William B.; Age 48; WP=8B
Coles, Fannie; Age 63; WP=54A
Collins, Charles; Age 69; WP=44A
Collins, George S.; Age 27; WP=39A
Collins, Ned D.; Age 62; WP=23B
Collins, William; Age 58; WP=23B
Collins, William J.; Age 49; WP=43A
Collnic?, John; Age 19; WP=44A
Compton, ? A/; Age 26; WP=35B
Compton, Christopher C.; Age 32; WP=13B
Compton, Ira F.; Age 31; WP=33A
Compton, Jacob L.; Age 21; WP=38A
Compton, Miles L.; Age 65; WP=35B
Con?, Ernest E.; Age 39; WP=60A
Conway, Mable; Age 8; WP=60A
Cook, George H.; Age 76; WP=14A
Cook, Harvey; Age 42; WP=37A
Cook, Richard L.; Age 41; WP=16B
Cooke, Earnest J.; Age 35; WP=65A
Cooke, Henry E.; Age 48; WP=65B
Cooke, John V.; Age 30; WP=33B
Cooper, Charles G.; Age 57; WP=45B
Corker?, Linard; Age 41; WP=61A
Corker?, Walter F.; Age 44; WP=61A
Cosby, Archie; Age 49; WP=8A
Cosby, Arrula M.; Age 14; WP=3B
Cosby, Dave; Age 56; WP=46B
Cosby, Eli S.; Age 17; WP=3A
Cosby, Eugene; Age 31; WP=3A
Cosby, Henry A.; Age 14; WP=3B
Cosby, James; Age 19; WP=3A
Cosby, Jane; Age 55; WP=3A
Cosby, Jeff; Age 67; WP=3A
Cosby, John F.; Age 22; WP=3A
Cosby, Patsy M.; Age 11; WP=3B
Cosby, Phil H.; Age 46; WP=10B
Cosby, Thomas H.; Age 23; WP=1A
Cosby, Vernetta; Age 26; WP=3A
Cosby, Wasser; Age 31; WP=3A
Cousins, Bea; Age 62; WP=13B
Coward, Edward C.; Age 52; WP=52B
Cowherd, John W.; Age 64; WP=52A
Cox, James S.; Age 33; WP=31B
Cox, Sarah; Age 67; WP=39B
Crawford, George W.; Age 72; WP=55A
Crawford, Henry W.; Age 34; WP=57B
Crawford, John S.; Age 44; WP=66B
Crawford, Joseph H.; Age 62; WP=55B
Crawford, Mary; Age 65; WP=57B
Crebb, W? M.; Age 47; WP=49A
Crutchfield, Floyd; Age 20; WP=22A
Crutchfield, Sta?s; Age 47; WP=21B
Culvit?, Robert; Age 21; WP=41B
Dabney, Alberta; Age 27; WP=60A
Dabney, Jane E.; Age 84; WP=6A
Dabney, Mary F.; Age 44; WP=66A
Dabney, William H.; Age 52; WP=6B
Dabney, Winston N.; Age 60; WP=6A
Dandridge, Abraham Sr.; Age 84; WP=31B
Dandridge, Alman; Age 47; WP=28A
Dandridge, Archer F.; Age 25; WP=31B
Dandridge, Mary; Age 78; WP=53A
Dandridge, Soloman H.; Age 49; WP=31B
Daniel, John; Age 56; WP=52B
Danne, Charles; Age 75; WP=55A
Danne, Charles M.; Age 48; WP=46B
Daulton, ?; Age 67; WP=54A
Davis, Annie; Age 7; WP=1A
Davis, Estes R.; Age 21; WP=50A
Davis, George; Age 4; WP=41B
Davis, Henry; Age 4; WP=1A
Davis, Jessie J.; Age 35; WP=8A
Davis, R?al V.; Age 40; WP=67A
Davis, Ralph M.; Age 52; WP=50A
Davis, William L.; Age 67; WP=29A
De Board, Ulyses?; Age 8; WP=26A
Deane, Charlie M.; Age 34; WP=7A
Delaney, Cynthia; Age 79; WP=57B
Desper, James; Age 43; WP=62B
Dickenson, Alfred; Age 43; WP=56B
Dickenson, Arthur; Age 59; WP=23B
Dickenson, Molly A.; Age 57; WP=57B
Dickerson, ?; Age ; WP=59B
Dickerson, Celia; Age 66; WP=4B
Dickerson, Frank; Age 14; WP=5A
Dickerson, Howard; Age 11; WP=5A
Dickerson, James; Age 47; WP=55A
Dickerson, North; Age 15; WP=4B
Dickerson, Robert; Age 70; WP=11A
Dickerson, Walter; Age 17; WP=4B
Dickinson, Ashley; Age 49; WP=24A
Dickinson, James; Age 33; WP=37B
Dickinson, Thad. C.; Age 50; WP=45A
Diggs, George W.; Age 78; WP=63A
Diggs, Oliver; Age 40; WP=33B
Diggs, William; Age 37; WP=62B
Diggs, William B.; Age 58; WP=63A
Dobbins, John S.; Age 4; WP=62A
Donniel, Daisy; Age 16; WP=13A
Dood?, John C.; Age 64; WP=54A
Douglas, ?; Age 40; WP=39B
Dowell, Sdaie B.; Age 33; WP=53A
Dowell, William D.; Age 56; WP=52A
Doyle, Louise; Age 7; WP=33B
Drumwright, William E.; Age 64; WP=49A
Dudley, Porter; Age 12; WP=2B
Duerson, Willie B.; Age 58; WP=17B
Duet, Carman; Age 18; WP=3B
Duet, Cora A.; Age 45; WP=3B
Duet, John F.; Age 65; WP=3B
Duke, Ja? F. Jr.; Age 37; WP=33A
Dunaway, Frank W.; Age 33; WP=16A
Dunaway, William H.; Age 59; WP=58A

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