Louisa County, Va. 1860 Census Index

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Name District Page
Acres, CamillaFredericks Hall P.799
Adams, GeorgeLocust Creek P.O.844
Adams, James M.Thompsons Crossroa913
Adams, Jane C.Fredericks Hall P.781
Adams, LouisanaLocust Creek P.O.845
Adams, Sarah E.Locust Creek P.O.845
Adkins, GarrettFredericks Hall P.814
Adkins, RebeccaFredericks Hall P.827
Ailstork, PollyGilboa P.O.858
Allen, Charles A.Louisa Courthouse870
Allkisson, Joseph P.Fredericks Hall P.780
Ambler, William M.Amblers Mill P.O.910
Ames, ThomasLouisa Courthouse874
Amus, JamesGumsprings P.O.919
Amus, John J.Gumsprings P.O.919
Anderson, Archer H.Locust Creek P.O.849
Anderson, ArchibaldLocust Creek P.O.849
Anderson, DavidYancyville P.O.920
Anderson, Eliza P.Locust Creek P.O.848
Anderson, JamesTrevillians P.O.879
Anderson, JesseFredericks Hall P.815
Anderson, JohnPerkins Store897
Anderson, John B.Locust Creek P.O.849
Anderson, Joseph W.Jackson P.O.854
Anderson, Lucy A.Thompsons Crossroa930
Anderson, Mary A.Locust Creek P.O.849
Anderson, Mary C.Gumsprings P.O.917
Anderson, Mary F.Jackson P.O.853
Anderson, Mathew G.Locust Creek P.O.847
Anderson, NelsonGumsprings P.O.915
Anderson, Sallie T.Jackson P.O.868
Anderson, ThomasGumsprings P.O.915
Anderson, VirginiaYancyville P.O.921
Anderson, WeldonFredericks Hall P.816
Andrews, Angelina W.Fredericks Hall P.829
Andrews, Ann S. D.Fredericks Hall P.787
Annis, NancyShanon Hill P.O.929
Anthony, ElizaLocust Creek P.O.841
Anthony, FrancisArmblers Mill & Ja861
Anthony, JohnJackson P.O.868
Armstrong, AnnJackson & Thompson912
Armstrong, DavidJackson & Thompson912
Armstrong, David T.Jackson & Thompson912
Armstrong, Eliza K.Jackson & Thompson912
Armstrong, FannieFredericks Hall P.784
Armstrong, Frances M.Locust Creek P.O.847
Armstrong, JamesThompsons Roads P.900
Armstrong, LouisaLocust Creek P.O.849
Armstrong, Samuella F.Armblers Mill & Ja860
Armstrong, TheodociaArmblers Mill & Ja861
Armstrong, WilliamAmblers Mill P.O.911
Armstrong, WilliamFredericks Hall P.789
Armstrong, Zachria P.Locust Creek P.O.847
Arnell, FrancesFredericks Hall P.807
Arnell, Leroy D.Fredericks Hall P.781
Arnett, ArchibaldFredericks Hall P.802
Arnett, FrancesFredericks Hall P.807
Arnett, JosephTrevillians P.O.880
Arnold, Hugh B.Fredericks Hall P.770
Atchinson, William T.Gumsprings P.O.917
Atkins, EdgerFredericks Hall P.796
Atkinson, Chisholm D.Locust Creek P.O.845
Atkinson, ElkanahLocust Creek P.O.848
Atkinson, JohnLocust Creek P.O.845
Atkinson, MaryLocust Creek P.O.848
Atkinson, NancyLocust Creek P.O.847
Atkinson, Richard J.Locust Creek P.O.845
Atkinson, SarahLocust Creek P.O.847
Atkinson, SpotswoodLocust Creek P.O.847
Austin, FrannieFredericks Hall P.782
Austin, RichardFredericks Hall P.816
Austin, Sarah C.Fredericks Hall P.816
Austin, ThadeasFredericks Hall P.781
Austin, William R.Yancyville P.O.920
Backer, Robert M.Fredericks Hall P.796
Badget, LucyJackson P.O.867
Badget, PollyJackson P.O.867
Bagby, Catherine T.Locust Creek P.O.852
Bagby, Richard M.Locust Creek P.O.852
Bagby, WilliamLocust Creek P.O.841
Baker, Alfred M.Fredericks Hall P.802
Baker, Edwin J.Fredericks Hall P.787
Baker, Gushrod W.Fredericks Hall P.802
Baker, James W.Fredericks Hall P.809
Baker, Joseph S. M.Fredericks Hall P.809
Baker, Mary M.Fredericks Hall P.796
Baker, Robert C.Fredericks Hall P.802
Baker, WilliamFredericks Hall P.796
Baker, William M.Fredericks Hall P.825
Bakers, James M.Louisa Courthouse855
Ballard, LewisFredericks Hall P.803
Ballman, Joseph A.Mechanicksville P.884
Banch, JudithPerkins Store897
Baner, SamuelCobham, Depot887
Banks, NancyBills Crossroads P925
Barby, WilliamYancyville P.O.920
Barret, AlexanderFredericks Hall P.786
Barret, Mary B.Fredericks Hall P.787
Barret, Robert L.Jackson P.O.854
Barret, William C.Louisa Courthouse857
Barrett, ParsonsFredericks Hall P.788
Barrett, Thomas E.Fredericks Hall P.833
Baughan, TandyLocust Creek P.O.841
Beadles, RobertFredericks Hall P.829
Beadles, WilliamTrevillians P.O.880
Beadles, William W.Fredericks Hall P.829
Bear, EmanuelCobham, Depot886
Bedrop, MarthaFredericks Hall P.800
Bedross, MarthaFredericks Hall P.800
Begley, AlexanderCoockooville P.O.901
Belamy, Ambrose F.Travillians Depot883
Belamy, Andrew J.Cobham, Depot889
Belamy, Benjamin T.Cobham, Depot887
Belamy, GeorgeShanon Hill P.O.929
Belamy, MaryCobham, Depot888
Belamy, WilliamCobham, Depot888
Belemy, James W.Fredericks Hall P.823
Bell, JohnFredericks Hall P.811
Bell, PompyFredericks Hall P.811
Bellamy, MargaretMechanicksville P.885
Bellamy, Martha J.Fredericks Hall P.804
Bellamy, WilliamFredericks Hall P.803
Berkley, AgnesLouisa Courthouse875
Berkley, UmphreyLouisa Courthouse875
Betters, OvertonFredericks Hall P.771
Bibb, AgnessFredericks Hall P.812
Bibb, America W.Fredericks Hall P.810
Bibb, BenjaminCobham Depot P.O.898
Bibb, Benjamin B.Cobham Depot P.O.898
Bibb, ElijahFredericks Hall P.831
Bibb, HenryFredericks Hall P.832
Bibb, Horrace B.Fredericks Hall P.809
Bibb, James D.Perkins Store P.O.899
Bibb, JesseFredericks Hall P.831
Bibb, JohnFredericks Hall P.814
Bibb, John E.Perkins Store P.O.899
Bibb, Lary E.Cobham, Depot887
Bibb, M. L.Fredericks Hall P.810
Bibb, Richard G.Fredericks Hall P.812
Bibb, RobertFredericks Hall P.832
Bibb, Robert P.Fredericks Hall P.828
Bibb, William T.Cobham, Depot886
Bibbs, William H.Trevillians P.O.881
Bickenger, James M.Fredericks Hall P.809
Bickers, Julia E.Louisa Courthouse855
Bickers, ThomasFredericks Hall P.826
Biers, WilliamFredericks Hall P.821
Biggers, JohnFredericks Hall P.810
Bilbo, EdwinFredericks Hall P.774
Binns, Daniel K.Fredericks Hall P.826
Binns, Daniel K.Fredericks Hall P.833
Binns, John D.Fredericks Hall P.826
Bird, ElizabethFredericks Hall P.775
Bird, NancyYancyville P.O.907
Bird, SarahYancyville P.O.907
Birell, LucyFredericks Hall P.794
Bishop, James W.Shanon Hill P.O.926
Bluebaugh, George C.Fredericks Hall P.840
Bohn, MalindaTrevillians P.O.881
Boker, WilliamFredericks Hall P.818
Bolling, WilliamFredericks Hall P.787
Bond, JamesFredericks Hall P.817
Bond, RichardFredericks Hall P.817
Boston, Susan V.Coockooville P.O.901
Boswell, JohnLocust Creek P.O.843
Boulware, Columbus R.Fredericks Hall P.823
Boulware, EwellFredericks Hall P.823
Boulware, MaryFredericks Hall P.823
Bowles, Albert G.Locust Creek P.O.847
Bowles, Augustus K.Locust Creek P.O.846
Bowles, Caroline G.Locust Creek P.O.852
Bowles, ElizabethFredericks Hall P.805
Bowles, ElizabethGumsprings P.O.918
Bowles, Hariet C.Fredericks Hall P.837
Bowles, JosephAmblers Mill P.O.911
Bowles, Joseph K.Locust Creek P.O.846
Bowles, Kate H.Fredericks Hall P.836
Bowles, Richard KLocust Creek P.O.845
Bowles, Thomas G.Fredericks Hall P.795
Bowles, WashingtonGumsprings P.O.918
Boxley, DrusillaFredericks Hall P.766
Boxley, JamesFredericks Hall P.766
Boxley, John C.Fredericks Hall P.790
Boxley, Johnw.Fredericks Hall P.768
Boxley, Joseph C.Fredericks Hall P.766
Boxley, Nicy H.Fredericks Hall P.802
Boxley, PalisonFredericks Hall P.766
Boxley, Willis O.Fredericks Hall P.769
Boyad, JohnAmblers Mill P.O.910
Boyd, Edwin J.Fredericks Hall P.838
Boyd, James R.Louisa Courthouse872
Boyd, JohnLouisa Courthouse872
Boyd, MaryLouisa Courthouse873
Boyd, PeterPoindexters Store893
Bradley, SarahFredericks Hall P.816
Bradley, Thomas H.Louisa Courthouse856
Bradley, William W.Fredericks Hall P.839
Bragg, CharlesTravillians Depot883
Bragg, Granvil J.Louisa Courthouse890
Bragg, HoratioTravillians Depot883
Bragg, Mary E.Fredericks Hall P.823
Bragg, SalliePerkins Store895
Bragg, Samuel H.Louisa Courthouse875
Braggs, James D.Yancyville P.O.908
Bran, JohnCobham Depot P.O.898
Branham, AnnieFredericks Hall P.825
Branham, FrancesFredericks Hall P.827
Branham, George H.Mechanicksville P.884
Branham, LaviniaFredericks Hall P.819
Branham, MaryFredericks Hall P.817
Branham, Mary K.Fredericks Hall P.827
Branham, NathanielFredericks Hall P.827
Branham, NathanielFredericks Hall P.817
Branham, SarahFredericks Hall P.826
Brightwell, WilliamJackson P.O.867
Brinker, Kate R.Fredericks Hall P.789
Brohaugh, JudithFredericks Hall P.768
Bronaugh, ThomasFredericks Hall P.768
Brook, ElkanahLocust Creek P.O.849
Brook, ThomasYancyville P.O.920
Brooks, CharlesJackson P.O.867
Brooks, Francis E.Gilboa P.O.859
Brooks, JamesJackson P.O.868
Brooks, James S.Fredericks Hall P.821
Brooks, JudithLocust Creek P.O.846
Brooks, Martha A.Trevillians P.O.881
Brooks, Patrick P.Jackson P.O.867
Brooks, William J.Jackson P.O.854
Brown, AlbertTrevillians P.O.877
Brown, WilliamBills Crossroads P925
Broxley, SilasFredericks Hall P.765
Bruce, BrightberryCobham, Depot889
Brugh, Mary A.Amblers Mill P.O.911
Buck, John T.Louisa Courthouse873
Buck, William K.Louisa Courthouse890
Buckman, JohnFredericks Hall P.837
Buckner, B. M., MdFredericks Hall P.776
Bullock, DavidYancyville P.O.909
Bullock, GranvilAmblers Mill P.O.910
Bullock, Robert M.Fredericks Hall P.777
Bumpass, Henry O.Fredericks Hall P.777
Bumpass, John T.Fredericks Hall P.772
Bumpass, Miss HardeniaFredericks Hall P.768
Bumpass, Mrs. E.Fredericks Hall P.768
Bunch, Burwell G.Poindexters Store893
Bunch, LouisaFredericks Hall P.807
Bunch, SamuelYancyville P.O.907
Bunter, Ann H.Fredericks Hall P.801
Burgh, Benjamin W.Jackson P.O.866
Burks, Sarah T.Trevillians P.O.881
Burnly, Carolien E.Fredericks Hall P.781
Burrows, John L.Fredericks Hall P.808
Burrows, Lucy C.Fredericks Hall P.808
Burton, Daniel B.Louisa Courthouse872
Burton, SusanYancyville P.O.921
Busby, MahalaFredericks Hall P.811
Busick, NathanielFredericks Hall P.821
Butler, Alex F.Fredericks Hall P.829
Butler, ArchibaldFredericks Hall P.773
Butler, BeojahLouisa Courthouse872
Butler, David S.Jackson P.O.854
Butler, David T.Fredericks Hall P.832
Butler, ElijahTrevillians P.O.879
Butler, ElishaLouisa Courthouse872
Butler, James C.Fredericks Hall P.773
Butler, James M.Louisa Courthouse872
Butler, JaneFredericks Hall P.814
Butler, JohnFredericks Hall P.814
Butler, JohnYancyville P.O.908
Butler, John G.Fredericks Hall P.777
Butler, John M.Yancyville P.O.908
Butler, Lewis H.Fredericks Hall P.790
Butler, MalindaFredericks Hall P.814
Butler, Martha A.Fredericks Hall P.806
Butler, Mary E.Fredericks Hall P.833
Butler, MathewFredericks Hall P.825
Butler, MildredFredericks Hall P.814
Butler, NancyFredericks Hall P.814
Butler, NancyLouisa Courthouse872
Butler, PatseyFredericks Hall P.814
Butler, William A.Shanon Hill P.O.929
Butler, William K.Mechanicksville P.885
Butler, William R.Mechanicksville P.884
Calahan, ElizabethLocust Creek P.O.845
Calvin, GreenFredericks Hall P.818
Camblin, WilliamFredericks Hall P.790
Camel, WilliamShanon Hill P.O.906
Campbell, James M.Shanon Hill P.O.904
Campbell, JohnFredericks Hall P.774
Campbell, Joseph D.Thompsons Roads P.900
Campbell, Mary L.Fredericks Hall P.839
Candier, Mary E.Fredericks Hall P.786
Canker, WilliamFredericks Hall P.783
Cannon, EthelbertBells Crossroads P892
Cannon, George O.Shanon Hill P.O.905
Cannon, JohnShanon Hill P.O.904
Cannon, JosephShanon Hill P.O.905
Cannon, Powell C.Trevillians P.O.877
Cannon, Susan A.Shanon Hill P.O.904
Car, AlbertCobham, Depot886
Car, KingCobham, Depot886
Carnohan, Charles C.Fredericks Hall P.770
Carnohan, Frances T.Fredericks Hall P.836
Carpenter, Caius M.Fredericks Hall P.768
Carpenter, JamesFredericks Hall P.768
Carpenter, JamesYancyville P.O.909
Carpenter, Jane F.Thompsons Crossroa864
Carpenter, John B.Fredericks Hall P.768
Carpenter, Mary F.Louisa Courthouse890
Carrol, AdalineCoockooville P.O.901
Carroll, George H.Trevillians P.O.877
Carroll, JamesLouisa Courthouse870
Carroll, JohnTrevillians P.O.877
Carter, Ann C.Fredericks Hall P.786
Carter, Fannie A.Trevillians P.O.876
Carter, Henry L.Louisa Courthouse875
Carter, JohnFredericks Hall P.786
Carter, Mary E.Fredericks Hall P.828
Carter, Mathew W.Fredericks Hall P.827
Carter, Ricahrd W.Trevillians P.O.877
Carter, Wilson M.Louisa Courthouse875
Carver, ElletCobham, Depot886
Carver, JamesCobham, Depot888
Carver, Simion W.Cobham, Depot888
Carver, WalkerCobham, Depot888
Ceaser, GeorgeFredericks Hall P.785
Chambers, HardenFredericks Hall P.814
Chambers, Samuel G.Fredericks Hall P.815
Chambers, WillisFredericks Hall P.828
Chewning, BenjaminFredericks Hall P.821
Chewning, FrancesTrevillians P.O.877
Chewning, Reuben T.Fredericks Hall P.821
Chewning, TandyTrevillians P.O.877
Chick, AnnLocust Creek P.O.842
Chick, John R.Locust Creek P.O.842
Childs, Ann W.Fredericks Hall P.790
Chiles, HenryFredericks Hall P.838
Chiles, Mary B.Louisa Courthouse855
Chiles, Mary D.Fredericks Hall P.838
Chiles, WilliamFredericks Hall P.836
Chiles, William F.Fredericks Hall P.810
Christmas, Agnes C.Jackson P.O.866
Christmas, Charles N.Fredericks Hall P.778
Christmas, George W.Bills Crossroads P924
Christmas, John W.Jackson P.O.866
Christmas, Louisa M.Jackson P.O.866
Christmas, Lucy A.Jackson P.O.866
Christmas, NancyJackson P.O.866
Christmas, WilliamFredericks Hall P.778
Clarke, S. W.Fredericks Hall P.765
Claybrooke, Col. James O.Fredericks Hall P.774
Claybrooke, Miss E. P.Fredericks Hall P.774
Clear, JamesFredericks Hall P.840
Clough, RebeccaThompsons Crossroa863
Clough, SamuelThompsons Crossroa863
Coates, Adison T.Fredericks Hall P.775
Coates, John P.Fredericks Hall P.772
Coates, Mary J.Fredericks Hall P.775
Coats, JosephJackson P.O.854
Cochran, James F.Locust Creek P.O.846
Cochran, WilliamLocust Creek P.O.849
Cocke, Edward B.Gumsprings P.O.916
Cocke, Lewis T.Locust Creek P.O.842
Cocke, RichardShanon Hill P.O.904
Cocke, WilliamShanon Hill P.O.903
Cocke, William B.Fredericks Hall P.778
Coke, Charles H.Fredericks Hall P.784
Cole, Richard A.Thompsons Roads P.900
Coleman, Clayton G., Jr.Fredericks Hall P.836
Coleman, Col. C. G.Fredericks Hall P.836
Coleman, John G. B.Fredericks Hall P.770
Collins, HarriettFredericks Hall P.767
Collins, John S.Fredericks Hall P.767
Collins, M.Fredericks Hall P.766
Commack, John C.Louisa Courthouse856
Conner, Mary C.Fredericks Hall P.826
Conner, Paul W.Fredericks Hall P.830
Cooke, James M.Fredericks Hall P.789
Cooke, John S.Fredericks Hall P.772
Cooke, Sarah D.Fredericks Hall P.775
Cooke, WilliamFredericks Hall P.770
Cooper, Richard C.Thompsons Crossroa864
Corker, DanielLocust Creek P.O.851
Corker, MarthaTrevillians P.O.880
Corker, William G. C.Locust Creek P.O.850
Corley, MercerAmblers Mill P.O.911
Corr, ThomasCobham, Depot888
Corrine, PatsyGumsprings P.O.916
Corrine, SamuelGumsprings P.O.916
Cosby, BenjaminBells Crossroads P891
Cosby, Charles B.Louisa Courthouse870
Cosby, Charles R.Fredericks Hall P.770
Cosby, Charles T.Fredericks Hall P.769
Cosby, Edmonia M.Travillians Depot883
Cosby, EdwardLouisa Courthouse870
Cosby, Joseph T.Fredericks Hall P.796
Cosby, Louisa B.Jackson P.O.854
Cosby, Nancy T.Gumsprings P.O.918
Cosby, Robert S.Fredericks Hall P.779
Cosby, WingfieldFredericks Hall P.781
Cowherd, JonathanFredericks Hall P.830
Cox, AbnerFredericks Hall P.815
Cox, William F.Fredericks Hall P.830
Craddock, Miss MaryFredericks Hall P.769
Crafton, John H.Fredericks Hall P.767
Crafton, William T.Fredericks Hall P.766
Crank, SusanShanon Hill P.O.926
Crawford, John S.Trevillians P.O.881
Crawford, Mary E.Fredericks Hall P.800
Crawford, Mary K.Fredericks Hall P.800
Crawford, Nathan H.Fredericks Hall P.799
Crawford, Sallie A.Trevillians P.O.881
Crawford, WilliamTrevillians P.O.878
Crew, ClarkShanon Hill P.O.926
Crew, John M.Bells Crossroads P891
Crew, StephenShanon Hill P.O.926
Cribbs, John C.Fredericks Hall P.826
Cronk, John R.Shanon Hill P.O.926
Cross, JaneLocust Creek P.O.843
Cross, JoelLocust Creek P.O.843
Cuncan, Robert G.Poindexters Store894
Custy, ThomasLouisa Courthouse856

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