People Willing to do Look-up's

The following is a list of information sources currently available from people that are willing to do look-up's. The only suggestions I have are: (1) Try to provide as much information as possible to simplify researching your request, and (2) Try to limit the magnitude of your request (i.e. if you want someone to lookup all 'Jones' families, you're probably pushing your luck by asking for all of the 'Smith's' also).

**NOTE** To avoid violation of the Copyright laws, it is not possible to request someone to provide more than a limited response to your query. This means, in the case of copyrighted material, we will not be able to photocopy or reproduce information in such a manner as to violate the rights of the owner of the material. Extracting information from non-copyrighted material should not be a problem.

Title Name Contact Address
The Parish Register of St. Peter's, New Kent Co., VA 1680-1787 Jane Shimanek
Virginia Publick Claims, Louisa County Jane Shimanek
The Douglas Register Jane Shimanek
1787 Personal Property Tax List for Louisa County Wayne DunnWayneDunn at-sign 
23rd Virginia Infantry, by Thomas M. Rankin Kathleen M. Quinn
Fredricksville Parrish Vestry Book 1742-1787 Vol. 1 TBDTBD
Fredricksville Parrish Vestry Book, Indentures and Processioning Returns 1742-1787 TBDTBD
Tithables and census 1743-1785 TBDTBD
Where have all the Children gone Louisa Co. 1743-1814 Wayne DunnWayneDunn at-sign 
Louisa County, Virginia Marriages 1766 -1815 Jane
Louisa County Virginia Death Records 1853-1896 Wayne DunnWayneDunn at-sign
Deed Books A-B 1742-1759 (Hard Copy) Wayne DunnWayneDunn at-sign
A History of Louisa County, Virginia Wayne DunnWayneDunn at-sign
Marriages of Louisa Co. Virginia, 1815-1861 Jane Shimanek
Judy King
1815 Directory of Virginia Landowners (and Gazetteer) Vol One: Central Region. Jane Shimanek
Old Home Places of Louisa Co Wayne DunnWayneDunn at-sign
The Weaver Families of Georgia - Volume I (migrations of the Weaver families from Virginia, Carolinas into Georgia) Jim Bass

If you would like to volunteer to do lookup's, please send me an e-Mail: wayne  at Thank You!!