How To Obtain Records From The Clerks Office

To Obtain Copies Of Documents:

On one of my trips to the Louisa County Clerks Office, I asked if they had a policy on making copies for people. They said that in the 'old days' they would search for information and then send copies to the requesting party, but now, due to staffing, budgets, time, etc. they can no longer do searches.

HOWEVER -- they will make copies of records if the requestor follows a few simple rules.

(1) You must provide the Type of Book, The Book Number, and The Page Number. i.e. Will Book 3, page 29. I would also suggest you include the name of the person you are interested in -- just in case the page number / book number is wrong.

(2) Send fifty cents for each page to be copied. I would suggest for every two pages you want copied, you send $1.50. This is because lots of documents are continued on a second or third page.

(3) Send a self addressed, stamped envelope. Please note that if you are asking for a lot of pages to be copied, (1) they will not all fit into a regular envelope, (2) the postage will be more than one stamp!!

(4) Address your request to:

Hon. Patty Madison, Clerk
Louisa Court House
P.O. Box 37
100 W. Main Street
Louisa, Virginia 23093-0037

Their phone number is (540) 967-5312