Uniforms of the Virginia Continental Line

The following was submitted by Jim Gillgam, of NC on 4/30/2009

Virginia has a  very impressive Revolutionary War history that always gets eclipsed by the Civil War.

I created this illustration of the colors that some of the VA Continental Regiments were wearing in the Northern Campaign of the American Revolution.
It is an amazing story, they marched 600 miles North to fight in many of the battles, Monmouth, Brandywine, Germantown, Saratoga, Stony Point, Sandy Hook and the VA riflemen and Rangers in Canada.
They were also at Valley Forge with Washington the terrible Winter of the war.
The British then at a stalemate in the Northern US, invaded and attacked the South and the VA troops were ordered South to defend Charleston, SC.
They marched South in the worse snowstorm of the war, snow was drifted 3 feed deep in some places.