Ancestors of George R. Thompson

Information submitted by Ken Thompson. 

My Eighth Great Grandfather:

Mathew Thompson    m.    Sarah Wyatt

Most likely, Mathew and Sarah were married at her home in Caroline County, and within a year or so moved to Louisa County.


    Richard Wyatt Thompson  m. Mary McGhee
    Elizabeth Thompson   m. James Thompson McGhee
    Sarah Thompson   m. Arthur L. Campbell
    John Thompson   m. Mary "Polly" Gooch

Researchers can check Sarah Wyatt's line back to England. It is likely she has a direct line to Allington Castle, Sir Thomas Wyatt, the Poet who lived in Allington and to King Henry the Eighth. Sir Thomas had a son named "Sir Thomas the Younger". He got involved in a Rebellion against King Henry, was caught and beheaded.

My Seventh Great Grandfather

Richard Wyatt Thompson       b. ca. 1775    d. 1828;   m. 11-19-1799       Mary McGhee Thompson      b. 1780    d.

    Elizabeth Thompson b.1800 never married
    Wm. M. Thompson b. ca. 1806 m. Susan Ann Cole
    Archibald W. Thompson b. 1808 m. Sarah Talley
    Marcus Aurelius Thompson b. 1819 m. Georgiana Young
    Mary D. Thompson m. Nathan T. Talley
    Adeline Thompson m. Fountain B. Edwards
    Mathew Thompson (?)
    John Thompson (?)

My Sixth Great Grandfather

Archibald Wyatt Thompson     b. 1808 d. aft. 1870         m. 02-14-1831         Sarah Talley      b. 1810 d. 1839

     Mary Jane Thompson    b. 1831 m. Alex. McGehee
     Frances A. Thompson b. ca. 1832
     George R. Thompson b. 1833 m. Lydia R. Anderson
     Andrew J. Thompson b. ca. 1837

My Fifth Great Grandfather 

George R. Thompson        b. 07-18-1833 d. 04-09-1884           m. 02-08-1856       Lydia R. Anderson    b. 1835 or 1838

Children:   Theodosia b. 02-11-1858
      James Archibald b. 11-29-1856
      Mary Francis
      John W.
      Charles Richard
      George W.
      Martha J.
      Henry C.
      Eddie Lee

This Great Grandfather, George R. Thompson is the one who "went west young man" and was my first Thompson to say good-bye to Louisa County, as he moved westward to seek his fortune as a tobacco farmer.

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