Ancestors of George R. Thompson


1. George R. Thompson

George R. Thompson grew up as a member of a farm family in Virginia. He was one of the first, if not the first, of his family line to leave Virginia and set off on his own. At age 18 years he moved westward to Missouri to establish his own farm and became a farmer of tobacco. He proudly labeled himself a "tobaconist" as a profession.

He died of tuberculosis.

We believe, but cannot prove that George's middle initial stands for "Richard". We have never found it spelled out in any record. However, the first name of his grandfather was Richard Wyatt Thompson. His son Charles Thompson was given the middle name of Richard.

We have a copy from the Missouri records showing the marriage of George and Lydia on 01-17-1856, and presided over by A.G. Mitchell and recorded by Jack Martin. Also check the LDS records of marriages for Pike County, Missouri in the Thompsons, page 27,032.

The 1860 U.S. Census shows George and Lydia together in the Calumet Township of Pike County, Mo. at the Post Office Clarksville. Check Roll # 639 Missouri, Vol. 18, pg. 118, 1860, LDS Census data. He and Lydia are also shown in the 1870 and 1880 census. In 1880 it is Pike County, Ashley.

We visited the Antioch Cemetery in Missouri where George R., Lydia and other relatives are buried.

The Missouri State Archives at Jefferson City, Mo. show that George R. served in the Union Army from Pike County and enrolled April 30, 1863 from Louisiana, PIke Co., Mo.

1.Lydia R. Anderson

In some of the sources concerning Lydia Anderson Thompson, her name is at times spelled Lidia.

From the various Missouri records one can read how she loved her grown children and would give them property "with much love" etc. It appears she was very close to her children and likely had a close-knit family life.