1767 Tithables & Census (partial)

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Saturday, February 24, 2001

INTRO: The British Colonial tithes, or personal property taxes, were assessed on all males sixteen yrs & above, on all negroes, mulatto & indian women sixteen yrs & above, on land & wheel carriages. All mariners & seafaring persons who were not freeholders were exempted from being listed as tithables, as were all white women. However, any taxable property which was owned by a women had to be declared. If age or ill health prevented a man from working, he could petition the court for release from payment of levies.

1767 ST. MARTIN'S PARISH South Side Southanna river

NameAdditional Names; Count; Amount
Anderson, David 1-410
Anderson, Thomas Sr.Dick, Jack 3-250
Archer, William William Archer 1-60
Armstrong, William 1-100
Arnstrong, William William Arnstrong 1-100
Boan, Stephen 1-150
Boan, William Crump, Stephen Boan 3-180
Bolling, John --1336
Boswell, John Nathan Strong, Jeffrey, Jack, Joe, Bette, Famer, Easter 7-400
Carr, John 14-1000-2
Clift, William 3-600-1
Coleman, Thomas 1-150
Cosby, Charles Charles Cosby 1
Crenshaw, William 7-700
Dabney, James James Scott, Sambo, Pompey, Sue, Venus 6
Dabney, William William Dabney : Mat, Patt, Tom, Bob, Peter, Bet, Kate, Frank, John Sezer Overseerer 10- ?
Dabney, William (Capt.) Dec'd 
Darracott, Thomas (Capt.)James, Jube, Phil, Bettey, Tate, Joe, Lidia, Frank 9-600
Darricott, Thomas Thomas Darricott 10-600
Davis, David 1-160
Davis, David David Davis 1
Dickenson, Charles Charles Dickenson : Princes, Caine 3-150
Dickenson, William William Dickenson Dec'D; Pompey, Dinah, Milley 3-632
Dickinson, Griffeth 4-116
Dixen, Roger John Dixen: Poll, Jessee, Isaac, Charles Daniel, Hampton, Nat, Jack, Abram, Betty, Nan, Branner, Pat, Charles Allen, Lewis Walden 14-3016
Duke, Henry 1-100
Duke, John 1
Field, John 4-120
Foster, James Constable --50
Foster, Robert Jack 2-50
Fox, John Rachel 2
Fox, Joseph James Clarkson, Nicholas, Hannabal, Eunice, Marble 5-400
Fox, Susanna Nat, Isaac, James, Pheby, Hagar, Pat 6-400
Gentry, James John Watson, Jack, Will, Amy, Peter 5-400
Gibson, James 1-400
Grubs, Thomas 8-400
Hall, John 2-101
Hambleton, David David Hambleton : Dick, Patt ?
Hambleton, David David, Sarah, Dick, Pat 4-680
Harger, John Dick, Bess 3-200
Harris, William 4-150
Henderson, Elizabeth Charles Carr, David Carr, Dick 3-250
Hensly, Benjamin 1-86
Hern, Lewis Robin, Mat, Frank, Jimmy 5
Hester, Robert 7-631
Hix, Peawd Peawd Hix : William Hix, Tom, Banks 4-210
Hix, Peawd Tom, Banks 3-210
Hunter, George York, Sam 3-123
Hunter, Peter Patroler --464
Jackson, Peter 1
Jennings, Moody Moody Jennings : Ben, George, Lender, Jenny, Richard Grubbs 5-357
Jennings, Moody Richard, Grubbs, Ben, George, Lender, Jean 5
Johnson, David Ben, Charles, Phil, Simmon, Peter, Lucey, Judy, Moll, Sary, Lucy, Peter, Samson, Dick, Grantom, Tom, Abba, George Matlock, John Matlock 19-1520
Johnson, David John Scott, George Matlock, Ben, Charles, Phil, Simon, Peter, Grantom, Peter, Samson, Sam, Tuck, Lucey, Judey, Mol, Amy, Abba, Lucey 19-1520
Johnson, James James Johnson 5-200
Johnson, James Tom, Dogin, Fana, Toby, Corda, Beck 7-215
Johnson, Richard Sango 3-192
Johnson, Richard (Col.)John Fretwell, Sam, Ben, Peg, Christian, Baster, Dianner, Rachell, Pat, Beck, Judy, Phillis, Nan 13-400
Johnson, William Patroler: Siman Peter 2
Johson, George George Johson ; George Cox, Sam, Sue, Bet, Lot 6-150
Johson, Richard Richard Johson : Sam, Ben ? Christian, Ester, Dianna, ?, Phillis, Beck, Pat, Peg, ? (Can'T Make Out Where ? Is) Sorry
Johson, Richard Tom, Singo 3-192
Jones, Edward Sr.Edward Jones Jr, Punch, Betty, Venus, 5-350-1
Jones, John 1
Kennedy, Charles 3-175
Martin, John 1-36
Mcgehee, John 7-200
Mills, Charles --400
Mills, Charles --400
Moss, Jane 1
Moss, John 8-210
Paris, Samuel 1-200
Perkins, Constant Peter, Jacob, Sarah 4
Perkins, Joseph Primus, Phebie, Aron, Europe 5-347
Pridy, William Jack, Thomas Pridy 3-200
Ragland, John Patrol 7-600
Ragland, Samuel 11-1568
Reese, Thomas John Huson, Nancy 2
Richardson, David 6-194
Richardson, Isham Michael, George, Hadan 4-490
Richardson, Isham Michael, Madam, George 4-830
Sharpe, William William Sharpe : Amy 2-380
Shelton, Henry Samson, George, Charles, Denis, Sam, Lucy 7
Shelton, Joseph (Capt.)Philemon Perkins, Ned Bob, Ben, Dick, Brister, Usseley, Lucey, Ammea, Silley 10-848
Shelton, William Tom, Will, Dinah, Boller, Nell, William Shelton Jr.,
Sickenson, Charles Pompery, Dinah, Milley, Primus, Easter 6-782
Sims, William 3-130-1
Sladden, Arther Arther Sladden --338
Smith, John Const. 3-150
Snelson, Peter Peter Snelson : Tom, Cate, Peter, Aggy, Sarah, Doll 7-613
Street, Joseph Joseph Street ; John Craine, Tom, Daphney 4-100
Tait, John John Tait : Abram, Ned, Cloe, Jack, ? Isam, Blackman, Ned, ?, Lucy, Phillis, Tidy 13-400
Tait, John 4-214
Tait, Zacharias 7-158
Tait, Zecharias Zecharias Tait : Sho, Flo, Charles, Kate 5-150
Tait, Zenas 3
Tenham, Robert 4-200
Terril, Anne 19-2254
Toaler, George Pharoah, Bob, Peter, Luce 5-352
Waddy (Est), Saml.The Estate Of Saml.Waddy Esqr, Bob, Harry, Sary, ? Betty, John Stewart 7-800
Walden, Charles Doll, Creazy, Phillis, Peter 4
Ward, William 1
Wash, Benjamin 1
Wash, Benjamin Moll 2
Wash, Thomas 8-393
Watkins, Benjamin 1
Watkins, Benjamin 1
Willenow, Matthew 5
Williams, Philip James William Duncan 2
Williams, Phillip 4-180
Williamson, John Mensa, Burack, Ben, Peg, Cusse, Charles, Lucey 6-1158
Williamson, John 5-1100
Wingfiel, Robert --100
Wingfield, Josias 1
Wingfield, Matthew 1
Wingfield, Nathan 1
Wright, Richard 3-205