Cemetery Index for: McIntire Family Cemetery

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Image Name Last Name First Name Born Died Other* Cemetery
Need: image008.jpg*Cemetery    
Need: image009.jpg*House    
Need: image011.jpg?blocked    
Need: image010.jpg?blocked    
Need: image001.jpgHangerJohn Newton, Sr.3/31/18742/6/1924+ ladonia
Need: image002.jpgMcIntiteRobert Carlyle1/31/19408/30/2002 
Need: image006.jpgRiddleEliza M. 7/22/1879Age 80 years
Need: image007.jpgrock    
Need: image003.jpgrock    
Need: image004.jpgSheltonElizabeth?1818?hard to read
Need: image005.jpgWatsonAnne 1/15/1882Wife of Dr. George Watson, age 90 years
Need: image012.jpgWatsonJames174218?8blocked