Louisa County Clerks Office

The following information was contributed by Janice L. Abercrombie

Some Records to be Found in the Louisa County Clerk's Office

Janice L. Abercrombie, ©1992


Deeds: Beginning 1742 to present with no known gaps

Wills: Begin in 1742 to present with no known gaps. [Will Book 4 also contains some of the Order Book for 1828 and must be read from the opposite direction to read the wills]. Also in the general index to the wills are entries for the OCC Book which is Wills of the Circuit Court 1828-1901 and Wills of the Circuit Court 1810-1828. These were contested wills. These is also a small book of wills not fully proven 1757-1902 which has been restored and has its own index. Usually kept on top of the will book shelves.

Fiduciary accounts: Fiduciary accounts begin in 1852 and are kept on the back wall of the record room.

Guardian bonds: 1767-1819 and 1836-1847 are kept on the back wall of the record room..

Marriages: Marriage Records begin in 1766. It is not known what happened to the marriage records from 1742-1766. There are four indexes to the marriage registers:

Book 1 & 2 are indexed together and printed together with dates from 1766 to 1861.

Book 3 has a separate index and covers 1865-1941.

Book 4 covers 1942 to present.

Births: Birth records from 1872 to 1895 are in the file boxes over the land books in the back of the record room, behind the last reading counter.

Land Tax and Personal Property Tax: In the file cabinet under the birth records are the land tax and personal property tax records. They date from about 1788-1865. They divide the county into North side which is west of the South Anna River and the South side which is east of the South Anna River. These records are also on microfilm in the record room in the cabinet with the sliding doors.

Minute Books: The Minute Books have a few gaps but are mostly extant as are the Order Books. The Minute Books are kept on the very back wall of the record room and the Order books are kept in the front office very near the front windows. Minute Books are seldom indexed and Order books are indexed poorly. Minute books are the minutes of the courts proceedings and were later transcribed into the Order Books.


In the cabinet with the sliding doors in the back of the record room are boxes of microfilm which contain:

Marriages from 1766 to the mid 1900s.

Land tax records from 1782 to 1850.

Judgment records firm 1762 to 1795.

These records have been filmed by the Virginia State Archives and are being indexed. A partial index is in a notebook with the film in the cabinet. The index gives the film number and the frame number for each entry.

Birth and Death records of Louisa County 1853-1896. [These are copies of the records of birth and death films at the Virginia State Library and Archives.]

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